Dorm Room Cleaning Tips

Published: 05th November 2010
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Moving out of your parents’ house into a dorm can be a drastic change for some; especially does who have never been in charge of their own cleaning before. The small space that you now call your own gets a lot dirtier than you may expect. More than likely, your dorm room will require a thorough cleaning in order to make living a bit more comfortable.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hire a professional cleaning or maid service, so be prepared to put on those rubber gloves and get down to business. Below is a common dorm room cleaning plan recommended for college students.

How to Clean a Dorm Room
#1 Rule – Make your bed!

Don’t forget about what your parents instilled into you. A made bed tends to make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. In smaller areas, a bed is the focal point of the room. Simple bedding makes it easier to make up quickly.

Organize your papers and books

Because there is a lot of paperwork connected with attending college, it may become easy to have loose paper lying around your room. Purchase a paper tray or adopt some type of filing system. Organizing your papers and books will make your room less junky. When it’s time for you to pull about a specific file, you will know exactly where it is located.

Sanitize your area

When you have to share a room with others, the spreading of germs is very common. Be sure to wipe down counters and appliances frequently to avoid the spread of colds and common germs. Natural products such as vinegar, ammonia, and bleach work best to kill bacteria.

Additional tips

• Keeping a cleaning caddy handy is very helpful.
• Wash cleaning rags and sponges. Bacteria can grow on them overtime causing an awful smell.
• Purchase a mop, broom, dustpan, and a small vacuum cleaner.

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